The Company Since 1989 we listen to our Customer needs to develop and create equipments able to improve, change and make the X-ray application easier for the Surgery.

Designing and creating more and more helpful devices, to be at your side inside interventional radiology. We make concrete your ideas and the best of technology, realizing mobile radiological equipments which improve activities in operating rooms.

The major specialization, passion and results challenge ourselves to dare in the direction of new targets and customer fulfillment.

Great image quality at the right dose
Simad research is oriented to reduce and restrain x-ray dose.

Earlier than our competitors, we have provided concrete evidences of the possibilities and advantages of working by using seven times less dose and providing the major image quality and diagnostic results. This dose cutback is an immeasurably valuable achievement and provide added value in terms of safety to the patient and operators.
Conceived, Designed and Manufactured in Italy
Clinical evolution requires upgradeable systems able to adequate, match and fulfill multiple needs of the Customer.






SIMAD manufacturing is totally focused in realizing products which can do this. Our land and our surrounding environment has always been an inexhaustible source of ideas which innovate by continuously keeping as steady experience to get continuity, reliability. Our team works following this philosophy and culture.

C-Arm Compact


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