The Moonray DUAL C-Arm, made by the Italian company SIMAD, is suitable for all types of surgeries, and due to its imaging technology and reliable mechanics, can be used as a suitable device for any situation in a variety of surgeries. SIMAD systems are equipped with x-ray tubes with rotating anodes, at high speed, high thermal dissipation and reduced focal spot.


The useful ally which integrates perfectly into your day by day workflow.

Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, it is particularly easy to handle and operate.

Thanks to the 17” color touch screen console and a simple user interface the operator has an easy complete control of the c-arm.

Thanks to the 17” hi-resolution touch screen monitor the radiologist technician can completely control the Moonray 500 Dual without hindering the vision of the surgery’s team, ensuring greater sterility of the operating field and keeping himself in a better protective position from x-rays.

  • Platform modularity
  • Different configuration possibilities
  • High resolution 1k x 1k image quality

Its small footprint and lightweight design maximizes space around the surgical table and brings imaging excellence into smaller operating spaces to provide strong return on investment.


توضیحات تکمیلی

Active CMOS FD

30×30 Active CMOS FD:
1952 x 1952 pixel
Line rate: 70 linee/cm
Ratio: 17:1

22×22 Active CMOS FD:
1416 x 1416 pixel
Line rate: 70 linee/cm
Ratio: 17:1

Image Intensifier

13” Image Intensifier:
1k x 1k CCD camera at 30 fps
Line rate: 70 linee/cm
Ratio: 17:1

9” Image Intensifier:
1k x 1k CCD camera at 30 fps
Line rate: 70 linee/cm
Ratio: 17:1

Rotating Anode

at high speed, high thermal dissipation and reduced focal spot.
• Focal spot 0.3 mm in fluoroscopy
• Focal spot 0.6 mm in radiography

High Dissipation System (HDS)

Simad x-ray medical technology has designed, developed and created HDS™ which represents a new approach to improve heating dissipation due to x-ray exposures.
Components involved are made of very conductive materials (Al) and all coupling interfaces provide low thermal impedance.
Heating runs through a dedicated dissipation channel, and exchange surface is appreciably increased.
25% increase in working time & 25% reduction in cooling time


ILXPLUS is our brand-new hardware option* to have an integrated liquid cooling system at active high dissipation.
It has been designed and developed to ensure long time x-ray emissions that often occur in interventional radiology, such as vascular applications in particular.
We achieved this technical feature keeping in mind to have it into an extremely contained dimension. The monobloc size remains therefore perfectly compatible with typical operating tables used in the OR and X-ray room.
The great technological advantage of ILXPLUS is applicable on the whole range of our Moonray Systems. No matter which model you choose.

The lightest experience of handling

Precise counterbalancing of the “C” and improved design of the base frame, make Moonray Systems exceptionally lightweight during the positioning.
One handle for all directions
Moonray Systems positioning is precise and very smooth.
Rear wheel orientation allows movement in any direction.
The unique ergonomic steering handle allows parallel movement for easy positioning alongside operating table.

Two connectors ’ cable

Facilitates system handling and moving.
Easy to replace in case of damage.

Smart Cable 2C Option

Double connection cable with fast release between C-arm unit and image detector.
A simple idea with many advantages.
• Easy replacement
Simple replacement easily performed by the user if needed.
• Machine downtime reduction
Replacement is very quick and the activity can be continued immediately.
• Operating costs reduction.
Service call not necessary.

Extremely smooth and easy-cleaning surface

The special coating technique based on the automotive industry processes, gives to our products’ surfaces an extraordinary durability, and thanks to its mirrorlike finishing an accurate and easy cleaning is guaranteed.

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