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Digital Radiography

Today, digital radiology is one of the most common methods of medical imaging. In digital radiology centers, film is not used and patient’s images can be seen on the monitor screen and, if necessary, delivered to the patient on DVD. Its advantages compared to conventional radiography (which is done using film and cassette) are high imaging speed, low dose used, higher image quality, the possibility of creating an image archive, the possibility of image transfer, the possibility of magnification and better access to images by physicians for better interpretation.


Mammography is a simple radiography of the breast and a tool for early detection of intangible breast cancers, which can detect breast cancer ten years before it becomes a palpable mass. Mammography uses X-rays beams to diagnose breast disease following symptoms such as pain, palpable mass, nipple retraction. In addition, it performs periodically to prevent breast cancer in healthy women over 40 to 45 years of age so that they can detect possible cancerous tumors or breast tissue cysts before they can be touched and examined by a doctor or Self-exam.


In ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves can be used to create images of the inside of the body. Because ultrasound does not use X-rays, it is widely used to diagnose diseases and abnormalities in pregnant women as well as children. Doppler ultrasound is also used to show the movement of blood in the vessels, which can be used to diagnose blood clots, venous insufficiency, arterial obstruction and stenosis of the arteries. In addition, echocardiography is used to examine the condition of the heart, heart walls, valves, and the beginning of large arteries.


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A little about Noavaran Darman Atlas

Noavaran Darman Atlas Company was established in 2004 by a group of experienced managers in the field of medical imaging equipment and is now one of the active and reputable companies in the field of sales and after-sales service of digital imaging equipment for doctors and dentists, as well as other medical equipment such as pulse oximeter, thermometer and oxygen generator and it is a representative of large and active companies in the field of digital imaging such as Metaltronica (mammographic devices, Italian company) and Genoray (OPG devices, Korean company).

Noavaran Darman Atlas Company is proud to have experienced staff in the field of ultrasound systems, including ultrasound and echocardiography devices, has been serving the Iranian medical community for more than 18 years, and shares its experiences with respected physicians. Therefore, this company has been the exclusive representative of Alpinion Company in South Korea for more than 8 years and has installed over 600 devices in various centers.

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