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Noavaran Darman Atlas Company was established in 2004 by a group of experienced managers in the field of medical imaging equipment and is now one of the active and reputable companies in the field of sales and after-sales service of digital imaging equipment for doctors and dentists, as well as other medical equipment such as pulse oximeter, thermometer and oxygen generator and it is a representative of large and active companies in the field of digital imaging such as Metaltronica (mammographic devices, Italian company) and Genoray (OPG devices, Korean company).

Noavaran Darman Atlas Company is proud to have experienced staff in the field of ultrasound systems, including ultrasound and echocardiography devices, has been serving the Iranian medical community for more than 18 years, and shares its experiences with respected physicians. . Therefore, this company has been the exclusive representative of Alpinion Company in South Korea for more than 8 years and has installed over 600 devices in various centers.

The company’s ultrasound devices are equipped with the latest technologies in the world, following in the footsteps of other major brands in the world. One of the biggest features of this company is its self-sufficiency in the field of probe production, which is unique among many prominent brands. Alpinion is the manufacturer of the most advanced X +Single Crystal probe technology, which is the latest 2021 technology in this field. That is why its competitive products and very reasonable prices are a competitive advantage of this company.

By taking advantage of these features, Noavaran Darman Atlas Company has always been a leader in the sale of ultrasound products in the community of respected radiologists, especially the support of design doctors and the first office. At present, the company has expanded its departments and considered the development of its echocardiography department in order to be able to provide services to cardiologists in this field, such as the sonography department, effective impact and good market share in the field of cardiologists. Have.

In addition, the variety of Alpinion devices from portable to High End and Premium devices is another indicator of this company that can provide a wide range of physicians in various specialties including radiology, heart, gynecology, physical medicine, emergency medicine, Cover veterinary medicine and so on.

We hope that with the efforts of all staff and the help and cooperation of all respected physicians, we can take a step towards the health of the community.

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