E-CUBE Transducer CW5

ALPINION’s research and development in medical transducer technology ranges from advanced diagnostic ultrasound transducers – both PZT and single crystal material, innovative and unique processing technology, and application-specific acoustic designs – to treatment transducers specialized for use with HIFU.
In the ultrasound field, ALPINION has developed the largest variety of single crystal transducers, including convex, volume convex and phased array transducers.

Transducer CW5.0
Pencil type transducer (2.0MHz)


• E-CUBE 15
• E-CUBE 9
• E-CUBE 7

A transducer converts a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy.
A transducer transmits and receives reflected ultrasound signals that are the primary data source for the creation of ultrasound images. Proprietary transducer technology yields superior clinical ultrasound images.

E-CUBE Transducer Set

E-CUBE Transducer Set

ALPINION’s transducer portfolio includes conventional piezo-ceramic, composite PZT and the latest single crystal materials. Single crystal material produces broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity, permitting its use in harmonic imaging with minimal loss of the acoustic signal. It results in more uniform wide-bandwidth imaging and thus offers higher resolution images to the user.

ALPINION has overcome the historic engineering and application limitations in the processing of delicate and expensive single crystal transducer materials through a unique and proprietary fabrication process. With ALPINION’s high performance single crystal transducer, users acquire broadband images with unparalleled sensitivity.

Through a unique and innovative single crystal transducer processing technology, ALPINION has produced the largest single crystal convex transducer ever fabricated, and the world’s first 3D/4D transducer made with single crystal material.

A single crystal transducer is characterized by a higher energy conversion efficiency and higher sensitivity than conventional piezo-ceramic materials; consequently, single crystal transducers can produce greater uniformity, and stronger penetration.

The attention to ergonomic design extends to the flexible cable and lightweight handle that are standard on all ALPINION transducer products.

Driven by customer requirements, ALPINION has accomplished the following:

• Ergonomic Transducer design

With a flexible cable supports, pain-free wrist manipulation during imaging achieve.

• Labeling
Fluorescent labels on the transducer enable users to identity the transducer ID easily under subdued lighting conditions.

• 3D/4D transducers
Lightweight 3D/4D transducers with improved detail accuracy by overcoming size limitation and manufacturing difficulties.

Crystal Signature Technology Crystal Signature™


It is characterized by much higher energy conversion efficiency than conventional piezo-ceramic materials, yielding greater uniformity and sensitivity. When combined with unique manufacturing processes, our proprietary Crystal Signature™ technology gives better images while decreasing production costs.

Crystal Signature™ Technology

Crystal Signature™ Technology

In contrast to ceramic materials, our Crystal Signature™ technology has properties that reduce waste heat by lowering the acoustic impedance mismatch within the ultrasound transducer. These superior single crystal materials result in transducer with a wide-bandwidth and higher sensitivity that provides higher resolution and superior images to users.

MicroFit™ Technology MicroFit™ Technology

The innovative ALPINION’s transducer design.

It has resulted in smaller and lightweight transducers with better ergonomics that reduce operator fatigue. Special attention is paid to the transducer cable, which is the lightest and most flexible in the ultrasound industry, further reducing the strain on the operator. Image quality is preserved under all conditions with the tough and robust connectors, which utilize the latest micro-pinless interconnect technology.

SensitiView™ Technology SensitiView™ Technology

The CSA™ generates an enriched purified signal with active electronics from high quality piezo-electric materials.

SensitiView™ Technology

SensitiView™ Technology

The high-performance low loss cable transfers high-sensitive signals for optimum impedance matching with the system. The result is significantly enhanced sensitivity and high resolution images.