Super Image Performance

In fast changing market with demands for various functions and clinical applications, KMC-950 IIIG, high performance surgical C-arm is the obvious answer. It delivers our concern for your needs in every single detail, from visible changes on external appearance to internal places which is beyond your vision. Additional sub-handles, smooth navigation through intuitive pictographic UI to minimize your footprints during the operation and its superior imaging capability from smallest details to L-spine lateral projection while lowering dose on both you and patients are just a few characteristics of KMC-950 IIIG.

Quality Imaging

      • Wide exposure range [0.2~10mA]

      • Improved penetration of dense anatomy with high mA [up to 20] in Boost mode

      • Pulse technology supports 30 FPS (frames/sec) for more precise operation

      • DSA Cine for peripheral angiography function



Optimized Workflow

      • Intuitive pictographic UI on Touch-screen OP panel

      • Additional sub-handles for enhanced mobility

      • Compact design provides more free space for operation

      • Motorized up & down monitor cart for easier viewing

      • Back-up Fluoro

      • H.U [Heating Unit] display

      • Image reprocessing

      • Long time, multi-frame recording

      • Supports multi-selection of frames/sec [1,2,4, 8,15,25]

      • DICOM 3.0 Compliance [MWM, MPPS, Print, Storage]

      • DVD burning

      • Paper/film print

      • USB export

* Multi-foot switches can be set for your specific needs [Capture/Save/Export/LIH/Fluoro]
– Roadmap
– Pixel shift function
– Min/Max Opacification
* RAID 1