• High Performance Surgical C-Arm

      • KMC 950 is a versatile Surgical C-Arm X-Ray system.

      • It provides a high image resolution and the most convenience function for the surgery.

The KMC 950 is intuitive by design, promoting increased accuracy and ease of operation.

Changing your perspective on new technology: The KMC 950 is revolutionary in its versatility, efficiency and exceptional image resolution.

More power in a smaller footprint: Our 12kW, combined with digital image acquisition and Digital Imaging System (DIS) produces significant improvements in image quality.

Bulletproof user interface: Our improved screen control panel boasts expanded memory, providing an abundance of customizable menus, unmatched control versatility and virtually maintenance-free operation.

Improved image convenience: Faster radiography and improved fluoro images are at your fingertips with the addition of APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography) and advances ABS (Automatic Brightness System). Furthermore advanced ABS features an auto-pointing function for off-center objects and a metal detector function to clearly distinguish implants from bone.

User friendly design
The KMC 950 is intuitive by design, promoting increased accuracy and ease of operation.

Excellent image quality
The KMC 950 sets new standards for image quality with the combination of improvements in generator, camera and imaging software.

High power output with 12kQ HFG
Our 200kHz High Frequency Generator with inverter technology generates high intensity X-rays and greater X-ray reproduction, consistently displaying high images. In addition, 200KHz inverter technology reduces overall size and weight.

Longer fluoro time, superior heat capacity
The KMC 950 is designed to generate the highest output in its class. The adoption of a rotating anode tube produces clearer images and longer fluoro times without overheating.

Enhances examinations with DSA function
DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) and Cine Loop functions provide enhanced examination options. Even more versatility is achieved with the addiction of adjustable frame rates fully compatible with PACS.

Digital environment with CS-View software
Powerful CX-View combined with our DIS (Digital Imaging System) is designed to meet the demands of complex and diversified medical image acquisition and management.

      • Quickly “search & view” images from the internal DICOM database.

      • Create and send DICOM files to DICOM servers of PACS system.

In pursuit of optimal image quality, KMC 950…
… is empowered by Digital Imagine System(DIS)
… precisely control the High Frequency Generator (200Hz/12kW)
… is equipped with high resolution CCD Camera (1K x 1K)
… has twin 19″ TFT LCD medical monitors
… has high resolution B/W Medical Monitor with 1000cd/m2 brightness

Large diameter C-Arm
Our large diameter C-Arm easily accommodates larger patients and efficiently avoids contamination.

Laser marking device
The laser marking device exactly indicates the position to be exposed in advance. It means that the operator can aim the target easiland reduce the unnecessary X-ray exposure.

KMC C-Arm Laser Marker

KMC C-Arm Laser Marker

Radiation reduction with Dose Management System
Adoption of the Iris Collimator and the latest Virtual Collimator significantly reduces unnecessary radiation dosage for patients and operators alike, while increasing functionality.  Additionally, our 1K x 1K high resolution camera with physical shutter guarantees superior images with minimum dose.

Radiation Reduction with Dose management

Radiation Reduction with Dose management Radiation Reduction with Dose management

Smart Cable Guard
Wheels fitted with our Smart Cable Guard eliminate cable disconnecs while still being able to roll over smaller obstacles.

Touch Screen and Display
LCD control panel combines touch screen and soft buttons for ease of operation and longevity. The intuitive design allows even first-time users to operate the system with confidence.

KMC-950 Touch Screen and Display

KMC-950 Touch Screen and Display

A modern attractive trolly is compact and easy to maneuver even in the smallest OR. Unique to the KMC-950, folding monitor mount with vertical movement and right-left flip function means ultimate display versatility and protects the monitors while moving. The system’s dual monitors feature High-Brightness (1,000cd/m2) panels for increased object detection and accuracy of operation and diagnosis.

KMC-950 Trolly

KMC-950 Trolly